Thursday, August 28, 2008

Real Estate to Die For........

I've always been bullish on real estate for long term investment, portfolios, retirement. But the real estate I love the most was where I first started buying, next to a big, growing, sprawling university.

I still believe these areas are what I call "Real Estate to Die For". Universities, colleges and schools of higher learning are all pillars in our communities. They are here in perpetuity, during our lifetimes, our children's and their children's lifetimes. They contribute greatly to the local economies, and hopefully, will grow in size as more Americans and foreign students want to be educated.

Look in areas within a short distance to the school of your choice. The closer the proximity, the less time it takes for your tenants to get to school. They can stay at school longer, too, without having to be pressured to leave campus and have a long commute home.

There are tons of opportunities to rent to students and many colleges have off-campus housing offices to help students find landlords and vice versa.

Properties do not have to be hi-end or include crazy upgrades. It's enough that they are clean, spacious, comfortable and near school.

We can identify opportunities like this for you and show you how to purchase and rent them for long-term, generous returns.

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